Psychotherapeutische Gemeinschaftspraxis Loewengasse: Krisenintervention, Erwachsenentherapie, Kinder- und Jugendtherapie, Paartherapie, Coaching
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 Psychotherapist / Psychoanalyst
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  • Psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Short and long-term treatment


            Bosnian, English, Croatian, German, Serbian

      Lines of psychotherapeutic work

  • depression; feelings of deep sadness, emptiness, apathy, lack of pleasure
  • phobias; panic attacks; anxiety, fears, persistent disturbing thoughts
  • obsessions and/or compulsions
  • aggression; lasting presence of strong nervousness
  • mood switches
  • stress-related and adjustment difficulties
  • feelings of inadequacy; isolation and estrangement; insecurity
  • burnout syndrome
  • somatoform disorders (experiencing and presentation of physical symptoms whereby repeated
       medical examinations demonstrate a complete absence of an identifiable physical (biological)
  • psychosomatic disorders (evident existence of physical symptoms whereby repeated medical
       examinations cannot confirm an identifiable physical (biological) cause)
  • emotional states during and/or after other medical condition

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